The Lord began speaking to me about E.P.I.C. Visionary Partners long before E.P.I.C. Ventures became a viable entity. God expressed the importance of allowing others to take part in the supernatural grace (favor and anointing) that is upon our company. It is one thing to think about partnership when your company has visible success on a grand scale, but E.P.I.C. was barely making it when God said to set up partnership. He said that he would do such a great work in E.P.I.C. that it would astound the world.  My instruction was to allow others to receive the same powerful anointing upon their lives.


The process is quite simple. E.P.I.C. is making available the opportunity for you to make monthly contributions to the partnership. There is no minimum amount. Give only what God has placed upon your heart to give. In exchange, the Lord said that he would take the same measure of success that is upon E.P.I.C. Ventures and place it upon E.P.I.C. Visionary Partners.


Please join us on what will prove to be the greatest supernatural venture of a lifetime!



Paula Matthews

Visionary Founder & CEO

Eternal Purpose In Christ (E.P.I.C.) Ventures, Inc.

Join Us

We will take the abundance of God's grace and the free gift of righteousness and reign in life as Jesus did. As sons of God, we will take dominion over everything that is trying to destroy our lives, our families and our destinies . . . and we will glorify our father

by abounding in every good work!

E.P.I.C. Is A Multimedia Publishing Company With A Kingdom Mandate

Our Assignment Is To Assist


The Restoration


God's Kingdom Dynasty

On Earth!

A dynasty is a family or group of people who come from a lineage of domination in this world; a succession of powerful leaders. God's earthly dynasty began when Adam was given dominion at creation. Adam was to be the father of many sons that would also dominate as God commanded, but he failed. Adam wanted to do his own thing in life.


Jesus came to restore to us the dominion that Adam lost. Jesus showed us how to dominate over sin, sickness, disease and lack.  He only did what he saw God do, and he only said what he heard God say. Jesus left us  the Holy Spirit, and an example to follow.


We Are Called To Do Even

Greater Works!



Some Of Our Projects


Teaching Seminars


Training Classes

Online Training


Television, Radio and Internet Broadcasts

Christian Films

World Mission Trips

Building Schools

and Orphanages

Digging Wells

and Rebuilding Cities

Distributions Of Bibles,


CD's and DVD'S

And So Much More!

Read Partner Testimonies at:

“The Wisdom of God Is Now Being Revealed Through The Sons Of God, In Its Variety Of Colors, Textures And Designs, Woven

Together Like A Fine Rich Tapestry And Displayed Before The Rulers Of This World. This Is God’s Eternal Purpose In Christ.”







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